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Streaming Media West resources

Nov 17, 2009 Author: Lisa Larson-Kelley | Filed under: Resources

Yesterday’s half-day workshop on “Building Rich Media Players on the Flash Platform” in San Jose was a great success. Thanks to everyone who attended! As promised, here is the presentation file and the code examples. I did include the OSMF examples along with instructions to configuring Flash Professional CS4 to work with them. If you have any questions that you didn’t get a chance to ask, or run into any trouble with the examples, please comment below and I’ll try to help.

Presentation [PDF]

Player code examples [ZIP]

OSMF code examples [ZIP]

UPDATE 11/19/09: Forgot to supply the link I promised to R Blank’s free online seminar on OSMF (which was a great help to me in preparing my examples; thanks, R!) Here is a link, along with some updates to the code he demonstrated: http://www.rblank.com/2009/11/10/quick-note-on-osmf-0-7/

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FMS shared objects? There’s an app for that!

Oct 6, 2009 Author: Lisa Larson-Kelley | Filed under: Announcements, Flash Media Server, FMS Showcase

Stefan Richter, of flashcomguru.com fame, has made history by porting his Flash Media Server-based Fridge Magnet game to the iPhone. This was featured in yesterday’s keynote at MAX, but unfortunately too many people were on the wi-fi, so they weren’t able to show it on stage. But apparently it was immediately downloaded and played by numerous people (who proceeded, of course, to spell out naughty words!)

This is a groundbreaking moment — shared objects working on the iPhone. Who’d have predicted that?! So a big congrats to Stefan for being the first FMS-to-iPhone developer. Now go support him by downloading the app and giving it a go!

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First MAX announcement: FP 10.1 features

Oct 4, 2009 Author: Lisa Larson-Kelley | Filed under: Announcements, Industry News

The new Flash Player 10.1 features will include some iPhone-like features such as accelerometer support, multi-touch, gestures and screen orientation, but no announcement yet about iPhone support — only support for just about every other smartphone (including Palm OS — hurrah!)


More tomorrow after the keynote.
(No, I’m not there unfortunately, but watching the broadcast. So I’ll try to interpret the announcements as they relate to Flash video since I can’t scoop!)

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GPU-Accelerated Flash Player to speed up video

Sep 29, 2009 Author: Lisa Larson-Kelley | Filed under: Announcements

To be officially announced Oct 5, an upcoming version of Flash Player will support “ultra smooth” HD playback using GPU acceleration with almost every Nvidia GPU supported, even on smartphones.


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Flash on the Beach 09: It’s a wrap!

Sep 28, 2009 Author: Lisa Larson-Kelley | Filed under: Industry News

Well, I’ve made it back home from my second Flash on the Beach conference, held in beautiful Brighton, UK. As expected, this year’s conference did not disappoint! Legends were born (Joa), controversies were kindled (Craig), and F-bombs were lobbed (Hugh, Stacey, Josh, Peter….etc etc). I was inspired once again by Hillman Curtis, by Joel Gethin Lewis, and by Craig Swann who showed us how important it is to “question everything” (as many of the attendees apparently took to heart!)

John Davey, his wife Jo, and his fantastic event staff pulled off the sold-out conference without a hitch. I’m in awe that they can run things so smoothly, and make it look so easy. I traveled there with my whole family (yes, 10-month-old and all) and John made us feel like royalty! He values his attendees just as much and bends over backwards to give them a content-rich conference, and a good time to boot.

This is one of my favorite conferences not just because John considers us all to be family, but because of the stellar content. The talent featured in the speaker lineup is amazing. I’m truly honored to be counted among the speakers at FOTB.

Mark your calendars for next year. I know the economy sucks. I know budgets are tight. But let me tell you, this conference is worth every penny (or pence)  you spend to get there, so don’t miss Flash on the Beach 2010!

p.s. And of course, I owe a huge thank you to all the fellow-speakers who helped me ring in my extra-special birthday celebration on Wednesday night/Thursday morning — especially to Niqui Merret and to Chris Pelsor for all the champagne and my flaming drink (I *may* still have the tiki mug…) You rock!! 🙂

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FOTB 09: FMS Made Easy!

Sep 23, 2009 Author: Lisa Larson-Kelley | Filed under: Flash Media Server, Tutorials & Code

Thanks to everyone who attended my session yesterday morning at Flash on the Beach in Brighton, UK. As promised, here are all of the sample files, along with the presentation for your reference. I wish I’d had more time to show you the coolness of the DVR and Dynamic Streaming in all their glory, but I present them to you here to play with at your leisure. If you have any questions you didn’t get to ask, please post here and we can have a virtual Q&A 🙂


Dynamic Streaming and DVR code examples

Enjoy the rest of FOTB!

Adobe CS4 discounts

Aug 20, 2009 Author: Lisa Larson-Kelley | Filed under: Announcements

It’s sale time at Adobe, apparently! Found a couple of good deals, depending on your situation… thought I’d pass them along.

10% off any CS4 purchase, suite or individual product, full or upgrades: Enter code 10offAdobe at checkout to receive the discount!

Students: Adobe Back to School Source: studenteditions.adobe.com
Heading back to school? Then check out the Adobe Back to School Gallery for inspiration and low student pricing, including savings of up to 80% on Adobe Creative Suite 4.

Flash Video and AS3 article on FFDMag

Aug 18, 2009 Author: Lisa Larson-Kelley | Filed under: Books & Articles, Resources

Chaim Sajnovsky, a prolific contributor to the FlashMedia FMS mailing list and a FMS/Flash consultant, recently authored an informative article on working with video in ActionScript 3.0 that I just ran across.

It goes over the basics of NetConnections, NetStreams and Streams, and how to work with metadata.

You can find it on page 62 of the February issue. Download the PDF for free!

Streaming Media West discount

Aug 18, 2009 Author: Lisa Larson-Kelley | Filed under: Announcements

I’m presenting a half-day pre-conference workshop at this year’s Streaming Media West conference in San Jose, on Nov. 16, 2009: Developing a Rich Video Player for the Adobe Flash Platform. I presented this workshop a few months ago at Streaming Media East — the first time I had given more than a one-hour session — to a nice full room. Based on the feedback from that session, I’m fleshing out the workshop with more hands-on exercises and real-world examples.

Sign up now and get a $200 discount using this link: http://tinyurl.com/ldetsc

And remember, Streaming Media West also has an exhibit hall that is open pre-registered attendees for free! You can register for this free pass at the same URL above.

Hope to see you there!

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Large-scale deployments on FMS paper published

Jul 6, 2009 Author: Lisa Larson-Kelley | Filed under: Books & Articles, Flash Media Server

It’s been a long time in the works… the Adobe Developer Connection has just published their whitepaper on “Large Scale Streaming Deployments on Flash Media Interactive Server.” While not a light read, it gives you (hopefully) all the information you need to configure and deploy large-scale applications with FMIS. I’ll be involved in updating the paper in the future as well, so please comment if you have any feedback on the contents. Happy reading!



Adobe Community Professional Author, speaker, developer, geek, mom.

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