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Confused by Flash Media Playback’s Set Up Page?

Jul 1, 2011 Author: Lisa Larson-Kelley | Filed under: Tutorials & Code, Uncategorized

Configuring Flash Media Playback’s general settings

This FREE video shows how to configure Flash Media Playback, Adobe’s free pre-built media player, by using the Flash Media Playback Setup page which generates the HTML “embed code” for you.

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Converting Your Video Using Adobe Media Encoder

Jul 1, 2011 Author: Lisa Larson-Kelley | Filed under: Tutorials & Code, Uncategorized

Converting a video using Adobe Media Encoder

Want to learn how to encode a raw video file using Adobe Media Encoder? This FREE video shows you how to confidently convert your videos into formats that will play in Flash and gives a good foundation for diving deeper into the encoding settings of Adobe Media Encoder.

If you’re new to Adobe Media Encoder, then you’ll love this free, powerful software that lets you quickly and easily prepare your videos for Flash playback.

Get Adobe Media Encoder :: Version 5.5.1
for Mac
for Win64

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  • Anatomy 101: Flash Video Players Exposed

    Jul 1, 2011 Author: Lisa Larson-Kelley | Filed under: Tutorials & Code, Uncategorized

    Understanding the anatomy of a video player in Flash

    This FREE video will give you a solid foundation for building custom players for Flash and covers the differences between the Flash Player plug-in and a video player built for Flash; what FLVPlayback is and what it does for you; plus much more.

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  • Just Starting Out with Web Video?

    Jul 1, 2011 Author: Lisa Larson-Kelley | Filed under: Tutorials & Code, Uncategorized

    Want to build a Flash video player and publish video online, WITHOUT the use of custom ActionScript code but not sure where to begin?

    This tutorial is a great place to start:
    Publishing Video with the Flash Platform

    The course explains video publishing process in distinct projects of increasing complexity. Each project results in a fully-functional video player, embedded into an HTML page and ready to publish online.

    Topics include:

    • Converting a video for Flash playback
    • Using the Adobe Media Encoder
    • Adding custom metadata to a video
    • Building a custom player with the FLVPlayback component
    • Embedding video in a web page
    • Adding navigation cue points
    • Publishing with Flash Media and Strobe Media Playback
    • Uploading files to a web server

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    FlashBelt 2010, another incredible success!

    Jun 18, 2010 Author: Lisa Larson-Kelley | Filed under: Industry News, Tutorials & Code

    Maybe its because I’m from the midwest, or maybe its Dave’s hospitality, but I always feel like I’m coming home when I get to Minneapolis. With an amazing lineup of speakers (in which I was honored to be included) and a friendly, laid-back crowd of talented developers and designers, this year’s FlashBelt was a great experience.

    Although my session, “Demystifying Flash Video Delivery,” was up against rockstars Hugh Elliott and Ralph Hauwert, I had a great turn out. Thanks to everyone who attended, and stayed awake for, my preso. 🙂

    If you missed the session, or missed any details, you can grab the presentation here in PDF format:


    I also promised that a whitepaper on HTTP Dynamic Streaming that I’m working on will be published by Adobe “any day now.” That is still true… watch my blog for an update and a link to the free doc when it’s published.

    On Wednesday, June 9 at 11am PST/2pm EST I’ll be presenting an online Connect session to introduce Open Source Media Framework 1.0.


    I’ll introduce the fundamentals of Open Source Media Framework (OSMF), give you a head start with some basic code examples, and also show you some quick and easy no-code options for building players on the framework. This session is for beginner to intermediate programmers and web developers who want to gain a better understanding of OSMF, and how it can simplify media player development.

    And just for attending, you could win a copy of CS5!

    So go register now, and I’ll see you there…

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  • PROFMediaPlayer: OSMF in action

    Jan 12, 2010 Author: Lisa Larson-Kelley | Filed under: Resources, Tutorials & Code

    Nicolas Prof has developed an open source, flexible and customizable video player based on the latest sprint (0.8) of the Open Source Media Framework (formerly codenamed Strobe). It supports both progressive and streaming. Because it’s built on the OSMF framework, you can expand the functionality and add plug-ins from the framework into this player.

    PROFMediaPlayer screenshot

    A quick test of the PROFMediaPlayer

    I thought I’d take it for a spin, so I downloaded the source and opened up the project folder. There’s no readme, so, like everything else with OSMF right now, it takes a bit of feeling around to get started.

    There is a FLA with customizable assets in the Library. That seemed like a good place to start. (Nicolas has also included a layered Photoshop PSD file that you can use to edit the skin assets which was a nice addition.)

    To customize the player size, background color, source video, etc. you can use flashvars or assign the values in the code, in the EmbedPlayer class. (e.g. settings.url=”myVideo.flv”).

    I found that the PROFMediaPlayer really gives you a good starting point with OSMF, rather than starting from a blank class file and figuring it all out on your own. You can download the code at the link below; let me know if you think it’s helpful in exploring OSMF:

    PROFMediaPlayer | Nicolas Prof blog

    FOTB 09: FMS Made Easy!

    Sep 23, 2009 Author: Lisa Larson-Kelley | Filed under: Flash Media Server, Tutorials & Code

    Thanks to everyone who attended my session yesterday morning at Flash on the Beach in Brighton, UK. As promised, here are all of the sample files, along with the presentation for your reference. I wish I’d had more time to show you the coolness of the DVR and Dynamic Streaming in all their glory, but I present them to you here to play with at your leisure. If you have any questions you didn’t get to ask, please post here and we can have a virtual Q&A 🙂


    Dynamic Streaming and DVR code examples

    Enjoy the rest of FOTB!

    Adding captioning to Dynamic Playlist example

    Jun 24, 2009 Author: Lisa Larson-Kelley | Filed under: Books & Articles, Resources, Tutorials & Code

    I’ve had several questions recently about how to add closed captioning to the Dynamic Playlist code in my tutorial on Adobe Developer Connection. I answered a comment on the article, but its not easy to find — so I thought I’d post it here to make it a bit easier.

    Yes, this is pretty easy to implement, but is a bit nitpicky. Here’s how you do it.

    Just add the URLs of the timed text files to the XML data for each video, like so:
    <vid desc=”Popeye for President, Title and Credits”
    ttURL=”myTTfile.xml” />

    Then, in the initMediaPlayer function, you’d just add it as an additional attribute (ttURL) in the ‘for’ loop so it can be loaded for each video as it’s clicked, like this:

    Add these three new lines of code at the end of the initVideoPlayer function:
    myVid.autoRewind = true;
    myVidCaptioning.source = tileList.selectedItem.ttURL;
    myVidCaptioning.flvPlayback = myVid;

    And finally, replace the listListener event handler with the following:
    function listListener(event:Event):void {
    myVidCaptioning.source = event.target.selectedItem.ttURL;
    myVidCaptioning.showCaptions = false;
    myVidCaptioning.showCaptions = true;
    myVid.autoPlay = true;
    The trick here is to hide then show the captions, so you clear out the data from the previously-selected video. It’s a bother, but this should take care of it.
    Then, go into your FLA and drop an FLVCaptioning component onto the Stage, and give it an instance name of myVidCaptioning. Publish, and watch (and read) your videos. 🙂

    Hope this helps… if you have any trouble…

    download the example code here (video files omitted; you can grab them from the original tutorial files or change the XML to point to your own).

    Another option, of course, is to insert embedded cuepoints into your video files for your captions, then use the onCuePoint event handler and display them in a dynamic text box. This is a more custom approach, but the timed text file approach above conforms more to usability standards. Your call. 🙂

    FMS for Absolute Beginners

    Feb 27, 2009 Author: Lisa Larson-Kelley | Filed under: Flash Media Server, Tutorials & Code, Video Podcasts

    I just wrapped up a live breeze session with the Adobe Flash Media Server online user group. It was a lively session with lots of questions and a great turnout. The recording and sample files are posted. Here are some links:


    Also, you can join the online FMS user group here:



    Adobe Community Professional Author, speaker, developer, geek, mom.

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