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Interesting Video Player for ActionScript-phobes

Jul 22, 2007 Author: Lisa Larson-Kelley | Filed under: Resources

I ran across this free video player, called video.maru, that allows you to play FLVs without using the FLVPlayback component, and without writing even one line of ActionScript.


Seems like a good solution for those who just don’t want to deal with AS, period. His implementation is really quite clever, and pretty intuitive. Worth a look for those just getting started with Flash video and know they don’t want too many custom features.

Flashbelt wrapup

Jun 22, 2007 Author: Lisa Larson-Kelley | Filed under: Industry News, Resources

Wow. Renee and I just returned from Minneapolis, where we were speaking at the Flashbelt conference. What an incredible event! A relatively small conference, with less than 500 attendees… and an all-star lineup of speakers. From Andre Michele to Josh Davis; from Jared Tarbell to Geoff Sterns. The feel of the conference was very open and friendly, with inspirational and informative dialog during and after sessions, and over drinks at the incredible after parties. The midwest knows how to do it up right.

We gave two sessions: Renee and I presented “Flash Video: The Basics and Beyond!” and I presented “Flash Video Crash Course.” As promised, here are the examples and resources from the talks [BEYOND talk to come]. Thanks to all that attended!


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  • FlashForward Boston Discount

    Jun 13, 2007 Author: Lisa Larson-Kelley | Filed under: Announcements, Resources

    The folks as FF have graciously given me a discount link to share with you, the dear reader. You can save $50* at the FlashForward registration checkout with this code: LN231BST

    Cya there!
    *Does not apply to Film Festival/Expo Hall Pass

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  • FitC Toronto 2007 Resources

    Apr 22, 2007 Author: Lisa Larson-Kelley | Filed under: Resources, Tutorials & Code

    Flash Video: The Basics and Beyond!

    Thanks to everyone who attended our session kicking off this year’s Flash in the Can festivities in Toronto. Here’s a link to grab the source files. We’ve included AS3 versions as well.


    Remember, all these examples (and much, much more…) are in our upcoming book, Flash Video for Professionals. Follow the link in our previous post to preorder on Amazon!

    Flash Video for Professionals listed on Amazon

    Mar 14, 2007 Author: Lisa Larson-Kelley | Filed under: Announcements, Books & Articles, Resources

    Flash Video for Professionals Wiley Publishingflash video for professionals coverRenĂ©e and I are currently working on Flash Video for Professionals, to be published by Wiley, and it’s now available for pre-order on Amazon! You can buy it here: Flash Video for Professionals: Expert Techniques for Integrating Video on the Web. We’ll also be posting some excerpts here to give you an idea of what we’re working on as we finish it up. Feel free to leave comments, feedback and requests!

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  • FITC Hollywood Resources

    Nov 10, 2006 Author: Lisa Larson-Kelley | Filed under: Resources

    As promised, here are the links to resources and references from our Flash in the Can Hollywood presentation, “Are You a Freelancer or a Business?” Thanks to everyone who made it out, and we look forward to FitC Toronto in the spring!

    Business Style

    Go it Alone!

    The E-Myth Revisited

    Focus : The Future of Your Company Depends on It

    Successful Freelancing: The Complete Guide to Establishing and Running Any Kind of Freelance Business

    Full-time freelancing : 10 things learned in 180 days

    The Nuts and Bolts of Launching a Career in Freelancing or Consulting

    The Creative Business Guide to Running a Graphic Design Business


    Complete Idiot’s Guide to Business Plans

    Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity

    Starting a Business


    Clients and Profits

    Web ReDesign 2.0: Workflow that Works


    No Logo

    How to Ruin a Web Design – The Design Curve

    Contracts & Money

    Graphic Artists Guild Handbook: Pricing & Ethical Guidelines

    Business Taxes

    How to Create a Freelancing Contract

    Business and Legal Forms for Graphic Designers

    Howard J. Samuels, CPA, MST
    S&C LLP – Certified Public Accountants
    65 Broadway, 8th floor
    NY, NY 10006
    hsamuels (at) s-cllp.com

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    Our book, Flash Video for Professionals, is now shipping! This is the book we always wanted to have by our side when developing Flash Video applications. It takes a holistic approach -- from concept, to client interaction, to application architecture. With code examples in AS2 and AS3, you can get started right away (and ease your transition from one version to another). We cover all aspects of Flash video including encoding, using the components, creating your own custom players, filters and transitions, buffering issues, hosting choices, and more.
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