I wrote a book a few years ago (yikes, time flies!) called Flash Video for Professionals. While still relevant, the landscape of Flash video, and online video publishing in general, is evolving. So I’ve decided to publish a “living book” one that is always current and is influenced by what you, the reader, need to know NOW.

So, if you are just getting started publishing video online, just getting started with Flash, or you’re an old hand at it and just want to keep up with the latest video features, I want to pick your brain.

I want this e-book to be the most useful and comprehensive resource on the planet for publishing video in Flash. To do that, I have to be sure it answers all of YOUR questions. So tell me what they are! Complete this quick 9-question survey:


It’s a short survey, but there is some room for your comments if you have specific recurring stumbling blocks that you want me to cover. But, sorry, I can’t help with those issues with your mother. 🙂

Thanks for your input,
// Lisa