Google has made a couple of big announcements in the past few days, all relating to new video features.

Gmail Video Chat
Today they announced that Gmail will now support a free, cross-platform “standards-based” voice and video chat. You need to install a custom plug-in, and the feature only works with Gmail in your browser.

The most interesting part to me is their use of H.264 encoding. We’ve been trying to get Flash to support that (or at least VP6) for some time now, but Adobe’s been reluctant to increase the size of the Flash Player to accommodate it.

More info:

YouTube Live
They are also working on live streaming on YouTube (possibly using a related plug-in?) This looks like it’ll be a service that competes with sites such as Justin.TV, Stickam, etc. The official launch is set for Nov. 22, so stay tuned for more info!
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