Dan Lacivita from firstborn: workflow and process of 3D/Video projects.

Dan offered some tips:

  • Video looping issues; they often use PNG sequences for short loops. Just be sure to synch up your framerate (they used onEnterFrame script to control the playback speed).
  • Encoding and compression. For their Lowe’s project, they decided against H.264, due to color saturation issues and player requirements. Started with On2 Flix Pro, but they were dissatisfied with the compression of high-motion clips. Ended up using Sorenson Squeeze with On2 VP6. Tip: Always use a CDN to deliver the video content, don’t let your client skimp on hosting!
  • Trick for creating a dynamic mask: can use a PNG as an overlay to shade items on the Stage. Read the values in AS, and control the Z-depth according to the bitmap data/pixel values.