UPDATE :: ARCHIVED SESSIONS ARE HERE: http://osflash.org/ofla2 // lisa

FYI — for those of you who don’t like spending $$$ on in-person conferences, or feel insecure if you’re too far away from your desk, here’s an online alternative.

Register here: http://web.ics.purdue.edu/%7Etangrif/OFLA2/Register.html

The second Open Source Flash Conference will be held on June 15th. The conference will start by 11:00 am Eastern Time. This conference is completely free and to attend you only need a computer , the internet and flash installed on your computer.

Here is the link for the conference


* Aral Balkan 11:00
o Introduction

* Ralph Hauwert 11:15
o Papervision 3D

* Firdosh Tangri 12:00
o ASWing Component Framework

* John Grden 12:45
o The Red5 Project

* BREAK 1:30

* Igor Costa 2:00
o Flex Applications using Flex 2 SDK and Granite Data Services

* Aral Balkan 3:00

* Nicolas Cannasse 4:00
o Haxe Programming Language

* Cortlandt Winters 5:00
o OpenLazlo and comparisons between Laszlo, Flash, Flex and Haxe/Actionstep.

Looks interesting. I’m especially interested in the Red5 and PaperVision3D sessions. Hope to (virtually) see some of you there. VivĂ© la open source!